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Pronex Hem was found in 1992. In the year of 1995 it has started to work with the fertilizers and soon became one of the major companies of that kind in Macedonia.


PronexHem – Regional Leader in Agriculture



Since the year 2000 Pronex Hem became distributor for Haifa Chemicals from Israel which become one of it’s major achivements. One year later Pronex Hem started the cooperation with the Ginegar Plastic Products company from Israel, which closed the circle of gathering the best quality in our company.

Pronex Hem is also working on improving the agriculture in Macedonia and for that reason started to offer all kinds of agriculture machines, nutrigation systems and all of the related products.

For over two decades we have been offering the best high quality raw materials for agricultural production on the Macedonian market. We are exclusive representatives of the following world-class companies:

  • Since 2000 “Haifa Chemicals” – Israel, a company which produces crystal and granular fertilizers
  • Since 2003 “Ginegar Plastic Products” – Israel, a company which produces plastic films for greenhouses
  • Since 2005 “Metzerplas” – Israel, a company which produces drip-by-drip irrigation systems
  • Since 2005 “Plantaflor” – Germany, a company which produces mulch – a substrate for seedlings
  • Since 2010 “Agris” – Greece, a company which produces seedlings for vegetable production
  • Since 2011 “Yuksel” – Turkey, a company which produces hybrid seeds for vegetable production


Regional Leader in Agriculture…

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