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Project Description

D1000 Thin Wall Drip Line Features

  • ActiveFlex™ Technology
  • Applications: Various crops including vegetables and field crops
  • Installation: Above ground or subsurface (2″−4″)
  • Diameters: 5/8″, 7/8″
  • Flow rates: 0.22 to 0.34 gph/dripper

The D1000 Drip Line with ActiveFlex™ dripper technology is the most advanced thin wall drip line on the market today. The ActiveFlex™ dripper technology allows the dripper to bend when pressurized, letting the slit outlet open and close with each drop. This industry leading dripper has a superior flow channel design and slit outlet, delivering high resistance to plugging from both contaminants in the water supply and from soil ingestion on system shut-off. Rivulis D1000 Drip Line is offered in both 6 and 8 mil wall thickness and in a variety of dripper spacings and flow rates. Let D1000 Drip Line take your irrigation system to the next level.

The D1000 Drip Line with ActiveFlex™ has been designed to optimize performance and clogging resistance.

  1. active_flex_demoWith just the right amount of flexibility, the compact, molded dripper ideally integrates with the slit outlet, creating an optimal open-close outlet mechanism.
  2. The leading-edge dripper (patent pending) cleverly combines the key dripper elements (filtration, labyrinth and outlet) into the 3 parallel functions design resulting in both the ideal layout & dimensions.
  3. Provides benefits found in drip lines:
    –    Clog resistance
    –    Consistency & accuracy of irrigation, low CVs
    –    Durability & minimal bursting



Key Specifications

Product Information
ActiveFlex™ Technology
Color strip: Green
Outlet type: Slit

Various crops including vegetables and field crops (tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, peppers, corn, and melons).
Above ground or subsurface (2″−4″)

Product Options
Diameters: 5/8″, 7/8″
Wall thicknesses: 6 and 8 mil
Flow rates:
0.22 gph/dripper
0.34 gph/dripper
Standard dripper spacings: 8″ and 12″

Operating Guidelines
Standard operating pressure: 10 PSI
Maximum operating pressure: 13-17 PSI
Filtration requirements:
0.22 gph: 100 micron (150 mesh)
0.34 gph: 130 micron (120 mesh)
Fittings: Pro-Grip fittings